Racing is ON this Monday. 10.00am start, minimum 3 heats and finals. Field opens 3pm Saturday.

If you are scheduled for work party please ensure you turn up and help throughout the day (click on the post heading to read the full post including work party list). Maybe you are not on work party but would like to help? Please feel free to come and ask!

Work Party 1st April:
Dave Smith
Peter Clegg
Tony Staples
Brendan Bell
Beth, Kevin & Martyn Wood
Shane Abbott
Jack Dunn
Andrew Kitchen
Adrian & Robert Hattersley
Steve & Tom Waddington
Scott Macauley
Colin Blackburn
Jackie Handy
Keith Exton
Jake & Luke Fletcher
Mick Norgate
Matthew Kitchen
Carl Verity
Wayne & Jayne Longley
Gavin Emery

Please report to race control at the start of the meeting to discuss duties.