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    York Autograss
    Diner dance tickets available at our drivers meeting on 22nd November, don’t miss out if last year is anything to go by.
    4 days ago Brandon Glover
    Sophie Hattersley
    4 days ago Louise Lovatt
    Jody Lovatt
    4 days ago Claire Curtis
    Jake Curtis
    4 days ago Sharron Shewan
    Can I have 4 please?
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    York Autograss
    York Autograss updated their profile picture.
    York Autograss
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    York Autograss
    Dinner dance and presentation of the 2017 trophy winners
    Dinner dance and presentation
    3 weeks ago Daniela Ellison
    Lorridana Bowes 😁
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    York Autograss
    Licences available for 2018
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    York Autograss
    Information about our 2018 season
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    York Autograss
    Cl 1 James Clayden. Mark Watson
    Cl 2. Rob Farrow. Jack Farrow
    Cl 3. Daz Hope. Josh Watson
    Cl 4 Adam Henley Gav Emery
    Cl 5. Mark Joslin. Danny Mc Varish
    Cl 6. Dave Mc Connell. Jordan ( Ginner ) Tinker
    Cl 7. Brendon Ellison. Richard Blockley
    Cl 8. Ayrton Ellison. Dan Chapman
    Cl 9. Russ Addyman
    Cl 10 Wez Tinker. Joe Reiblin
    F600 Roy Clark. Ray Darwent
    S/hatch Tom Farrow. Terry Mountford
    Cl 11 Caz Watson Eliouse Curtis
    Cl 12 Katy Cockshutt Leanne Morton
    Cl 13 Jo Thompson, Olivia Tinker Abbott
    Cl 14 Lorridana Bowes, Olivia Tinker Abbott
    J/Sal Jess Rowbottom, Jessica Farrow.
    J/spec Jack Broughton, Harrison Blockley
    Men's away driver, Thomas Fleetham
    Ladies away driver, Pam Blackburn.
    Paul Hindmarsh trophy Neil Peckett
    Pete Johnson Memorial ?????
    Most improved man ?????
    Most improved lady ?????
    Most improved junior ?????
    Margaret Root memorial ?????
    Men's driver of the year ?????
    Ladies driver of the year ?????
    3 weeks ago Susan Cooper
    Well done Mark Watson and Caz Watson.
    3 weeks ago Charles Cockshott
    Katy Cockshott class12 well done love
    3 weeks ago Babyciel De Chavez
    Mark Joslin
    Congrats xx
    3 weeks ago Tracy Kelly
    Well done lv proud of u, <3 xxxxx
    3 weeks ago Derek Matthews
    Congrats to all winners good season lets hope next year is as good
    3 weeks ago Beccy Hindle
    Anyone know what the Paul hindmarsh trophy was for? What race? Meeting etc? X
    3 weeks ago Kendal-mae Curtis
    Caz Watson
    3 weeks ago Natasha Johnston
    Well done everyone xxx
    3 weeks ago Tom Cawley
    Beccy Hindle Neil Peckett
    3 weeks ago Maria Taylor
    Well done bro 🚘🏆👍
    ( Terry Mountford )
    3 weeks ago Jamie Ellery Harvey Mountford
    Well done Terry Mountford proud of you Pops! 🏅🏅
    3 weeks ago Graeme Slack
    Congrats all ! 😁
    3 weeks ago Tina Taylor
    Terry Mountford
    3 weeks ago Tom Farrow
    Rob Farrow Jack Farrow Dave McConnell
    3 weeks ago Joe Reiblein
    Well done Wez Tinker 🏁🏁🏁
    3 weeks ago Kendal-mae Curtis
    Claire Curtis
    3 weeks ago Steven Butler
    Joe Reiblein
    3 weeks ago Niamh Mulvihill
    Jess Rowbotham Beccy Hindle
    3 weeks ago Sarah Baxter
    Tom Farrow
    3 weeks ago Brad Ellison
    Daniela Ellison Ayrton Ellison
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    York Autograss
    we have a drivers meeting on Wednesday 22nd November at Wetherby social club to discuss our busy 2018 racing schedule. Could people PLEASE return annual trophies or send them in.
    Our AGM will be at the same venue on the Wednesday 3rd January which will also be our first licence meeting of the 2018 season for members new and present.
    Our diner dance and presentation will be at the Mercure Hotel York on the Saturday 20th January, tickets available to anyone wanting to go priced at £25 each
    We are currently looking for sponsors for our 2018 Bas and Ukac rounds as well as our annual club programme class or overall, please get in touch.
    2 weeks ago Leeanne Morton
    Can someone please tell me is the dinner dance Saturday 20th as it says here or mon 22nd as it says on the event that's been made?? I'm a little confused haha
    3 weeks ago Jamie Ellery Harvey Mountford
    Terry Mountford
    3 weeks ago Kendal-mae Curtis
    Damian Curtis Claire Curtis
    3 weeks ago Tara Kniveton
    Steve Kniveton told u 😂 xx
    3 weeks ago Joe Rumney
    Chad Little
    3 weeks ago Daniela Ellison
    Brad Ellison
    3 weeks ago Dean Morton
    Roger Morton Leeanne Morton
    3 weeks ago Natasha Wintersgill
    Bev Paterson was this the meet in u were goin too ? Xx
    3 weeks ago Robert Lck Calvert
    Danny Lauren Rmc Kelly
    3 weeks ago Bri Baxter
    Cliffy Baxter
    3 weeks ago Jess Roberts
    Tom Farrow Hayley Wall
    3 weeks ago Clare Perkins
    Natasha Johnston
    3 weeks ago Leanne Chamberlain
    John Clarkson Gary Miller
    3 weeks ago Tom Constantine
    Luke Constantine
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    York Autograss
    We can officially annouce the 2018 British Autograss Series & UK Autograss Championships dates & venues
    (In alphabetical order of series name)
    Rd 1 Sat/Sun 26/27 May York ( N of E )
    Rd 2 23/24 June Cwmdu
    Rd 3 21/22 July Scunthorpe
    Rd 4 8/9 September Dales
    Rd 5 22/23 September Stroud
    Reserve 29/30 September
    26/27 May - penhow
    23/24 June - southern league
    21/22 July - York
    8/9 September - Cambridge
    22/23 September- Nottingham
    4 weeks ago John Andrew
    Matthew Hill
    4 weeks ago Garry Green
    Sam Harry Green bas looks good for next year
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    York Autograss
    Due to rain stopping racing at Scunthorpe yesterday it has been decided that results taken are enough to get overall results. Points will be done this week and there will be a presentation to the trophy winners at YD this weekend for all those attending or get in touch once results are issued so arrangements can be made to get your trophy. Roll on TCC 2018.
    4 weeks ago Arison Robson
    Ben Fiddler
    4 weeks ago Caroline Alderson
    Tez Alderson
    4 weeks ago Sarah Baxter
    Anthony Conway
    4 weeks ago Laura Makar
    Andy Jefferson 🏆👍😘
    4 weeks ago David Fiddler
    Ben Fiddler
    4 weeks ago NhAuto Motive
    David Fiddler Ollie Hall Christian Hall
    4 weeks ago Bri Baxter
    Tom Farrow
    4 weeks ago Lorridana Bowes
    Caroline Bowes
    4 weeks ago Natasha Johnston
    Excited to see we're I finished 😁 xxx
  • 6 weeks ago by York Autograss

    York Autograss
    Check your points here, get in touch if you have any questions, final round at Scunthorpe on Sunday
    17th September
    2017 - Triple Crown Points - 04.09.2017.xlsx
    5 weeks ago Lauren Rmc Kelly
    Helen Blake
    6 weeks ago Cliffy Baxter
    Tom Farrow u might get caught lol 3 odds the rest 100 an odds haha fair to say you won this event lol
    6 weeks ago Shareon Robinson Kelly
    Lauren Rmc Kelly
    6 weeks ago Josh Bowes
    Caroline Bowes
    6 weeks ago Jamie Smith
    Phil Peek
    6 weeks ago Mark Watson
    What are the points for each race and finals, is it like the BAS points?
    6 weeks ago Jamie Smith
    Danny Kelly
    6 weeks ago Jamie Smith
    Robert Lck Calvert
    6 weeks ago Andrew Catt
    Jamie Smith