York will be running this Sunday 12th October, gates open 2pm Saturday, scrutineering from 8:30 am Sunday, racing starts 10:30 am

Can the following people please return trophies on Sunday or to  a committee member ASAP

Class 3          Y96 Richard Houldsworth                  Y30 Roger Kirby

Class 5          Y21 Paul Watson

Class 9          Y177 Andy Swann

Class 2          Y150  Alan Suttle                                    Y82  Martin Wood

Class 4          Y1 Adam Henley                                Y14  Jamie Thompson

Class 6          Y24  Alex Hay                                    Y205 Scott McCauley

S/H                Y178 Tony Staples                              Y109  Cliffy Baxter

F600              Y90  Jack Dunn                                  Y195  Ray Darwent

Class 10        Y40 Wes Tinker

Class 11          Y27 Nicole Edmiston

Class 13        Y61 Kelly Johnson                        Y30 Sheena Kirby

Class 14         Y61 Kelly Johnson