A HUGE well done to all of our Men, Ladies and Juniors that competed in their respective nationals over the last month. We are proud to have you representing us!

Here’s a list of trophy winners and finalists.

Class 3 – Y51 Phil Thompson 5th
Class 4 – Y1 Adam Henley 3rd
Class 5 – Y44 Mark Grice finalist
Class 6 – Y16 Tommo 4th, Y24 Alex Hay finalist
Class 9 – Y78 Andrew Hornshaw 1st, Y5 Mark Brooks 5th

Class 3 – Y51 Jo Thompson 2nd
Class 5 – Y44 Nicola Jesse 1st
Class 7  – YD17 Jo Thompson 4th
Class 9 – Y78 Susan Herdman 1st

Juniors – Y501 Rob Hattersley quarter finalist
Juniors – Y216 Brad Ellison quarter finalist