Class 1 Pete Watson—- Jody Lovatt
Class 2 Brad Ellison—–S Begley
Class 3 Carl Allan—–Matt Holdsworth
Class 4 Adam Henley—-Gav Emery
Class 5 Paul Watson—–Damien Curtis
Class 6 Alex Hay——Scott Mc Cauley
Class 7 Richard Blockley—–Keith Peacock
Class 8 Ayrton Ellison——Kev Chapman
Class 9 Rob Schofield—–E Peacock
Class 10 Joe Reiblin——Wes Tinker
Class 11 E Curtis——-Sophie Hattersley
Class 12 Jo Thompson
Class 13 Sarah Tateson—-Michelle Arnett
Class 14 K Atkinson——Becky Mallinson
Junior Spec Jack Broughton—–A Taylor
Junior Sal Harry Blockley—–Louise Lovett
Stockhatch Bri Baxter—-Cliff Baxter
F600 Ray Darwent——–Chris Mckenzie
Away driver of the year Graham Blackburn
Away driver of the year Kim Green
Other annual trophies to be presented ie drivers of the year etc and to be confirmed on the night.

The venue for the is the Wetherby Social club, 1, Sandbeck Way, Wetherby LS22 7ND on Saturday Dec 5th and there will be a hot buffet and presentation with a disco till late, everyone is welcome not just York members, admission is £7 on the door for everyone, so make a date and come and join us.